Keep Your Family Safe from Ticks

Keep Your Family Safe from Ticks

Get tick infestation removal services in Hammonton, Waterford Works, Sicklerville, NJ & South Jersey

Nobody wants to share their home with parasites. If ticks have made themselves at home in your house, turn to us for tick infestation removal services. The professionals at A-Altair Termite & Pest Control, Inc. specialize in removing pests from residential and commercial properties. Ticks carry serious diseases, so it's crucial to call for tick infestation removal services the moment you notice a problem.

Find fast and reliable tick and flea control services in the Hammonton, Waterford Works or Sicklerville, NJ area. Contact us today at 856-768-9263 to get a free estimate.

Eradicate fleas from your home

If you own a dog or cat, then you've likely had to deal with problems. Your home is no place for pests, so act fast if you notice any of these warning signs:

  • Your pet scratches constantly
  • Your pet is shedding more hair than normal
  • You find fleas on your carpet, blankets or furniture

Improve your quality of life by getting flea control services today. Our proven solutions will eliminate every last flea in your home.